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U.F.F.D.A. and Petra and the Jay:  Both musicals were performed and sponsored by Los Alamos Little Theater, Los Alamos, NM, in 2007 and 2012 to appreciative audiences, thanks to the dedicated work of the staff, crew and inventive casts, who made my favorite aliens and some tough issues come to life in delightful ways.  —Cary

photo: Dinocyborgs, characters from the Los Alamos production of U.F.F.D.U.H
Dinocyborgs in the Los Alamos, NM production of U.F.F.D.U.H.

The Musical Comedy U.F.F.D.U.H.

In this sci-fi musical melodrama set in 3002 CE, aliens and humans discover the danger of putting too much stock in occult symbols during the age of the United Free Federation of De-militarized Autonomies, Orion's Arm, Milky Way.

Just when the United Free Federation of Demilitarized Autonomies (UFFDA) has agreed to invite Earth into the federation, which hasn't seen war in ages, an ambitious silicon critter attempts a violent coup to take control. Original music is by Alice B. Kellogg.

photo: Ellls, characters from the Los Alamos production of U.F.F.D.U.H
Ellls, young and old

graphic: jay bird, young woman, and the woods

Petra and the Jay

A thousand years from now a young woman with an identity crisis defends the personhood of her alien and animal friends, as humans tackle their most difficult challenge.

In this musical play set in 3020 C.E. (original music by Alice B. Kellogg), the young human Petra is challenged by her animal and alien friends to accept their personhood without assuming it includes human traits. She is also challenged to accept humans as suffering animals in need of the same sympathy she shows animals and aliens. Meanwhile, the galactic federation, U.F.F.D.A., with offices on Earth since 3002 C.E., has convinced the Population Study Council to address the suffering caused by the current surge in human numbers. As a result, the human conservative Guardians demand that UFFDA leave Earth.